How a visual analysis is traditionally organized

Provide context for your analysis: The target audience. When and where it was displayed. if that is important to your interpretation.
One sentence about how the theme of the visual relates to the real world.
Introduce topic or theme. Explain the main idea or claim the visual is trying to produce in the audience.
State your thesis.
Summarize the visual (one paragraph): describe what it looks like and what it says (a strict summary no analysis). End with a citation. i Le
Argue (three paragraphs): Choose three rhetorical devices (one to two from the connotations and at least one from the advanced list of
thetoric. the denotations). Provide evidence from the visual to support your argument. Explain how they persuade the audience. How are
they used to provoke logos and pathos? How does the visual create ethos through a rhetorical device?
Conclude (one paragraph): Refer back to the visual and why your thesis matters. Relate your analysis to the real world

Sample Solution