How did Mr. Sherman define Colonialism?

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How did Mr. Sherman define Colonialism?

By the google definition, “the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically”. They then went into how this has happened all over the world, but how the US did a really good job at covering up their hand in colonialism.
What steps were taken by the US to undermine indigenous food access and culture?

Pushing Natives out of the land they are familiar with, burned and pillaged crops and then slaughtered literally million of animals that were so vital to the diet of native people. There is honestly probably so much more we don’t even know about because it wasn’t documented or has made it into mainstream media. The acts of trying to eliminate a whole race of people, by killing and murdering other living things in the millions are legit psychopath behavior. I don’t understand how we don’t compare behaviors like this to the behaviors of textbook diagnoses.
How did Mr. Sherman’s talk illustrate concepts from the Chapter 8 reading (e.g., historical trauma, diversity of indigineous people)?

Thru things like ‘Indian boarding school’, colonizing their diet, stripping language and cultural practices, all of these things create historical trauma and trauma even today. People were torn away from their culture and with the inability to pass that down, people today I could imagine feel robbed or disconnected from their own culture. The worst part is that there are over 500 tribes and nations of indigenous people across the US, each experiencing their own form of unified oppression.
How is the content of Mr. Sherman’s presentation related to health disparities, health equity, and social determinants of health?

It shows that all health disparities stem from history, and we need to incorporate this history into how we fix things today. Like how we need to live more off the land in regards to food. Like Mr.Sherman stated many high rates of diabetes and other health issues in many communities but especially the native community can be traced back to government food reliance. Good food should be accessible to everyone, things filled with chemicals isn’t equitable and shouldn’t be people’s only options.
By the way, this was by far my favorite lecture this semester. The comment about the lawn is literally what I say all the time! I’m always ranting about golf courses and cemeteries and how they can be put to better use. Im so happy others recognize this issue and are making strides to fix it.

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