How family support benefit children with special needs and families?

Using your theoretical framework, and demonstrating understanding of the policy context and literature on community development, write a paper on a critical issue in family support. You may use the readings and ideas developed in previous papers, but you must re-write for this paper. Each of the ideas developed in previous papers should contribute to your analysis of an issue that you see in family support.
. Explicitly state the theoretical framework that will be used to develop a thesis, with citations from original sources , and which will guide the format of the paper. Explanation of how the framework supports the thesis of your paper. Have 9-10 references from academic resources (a maximum of 5 of which may come from “required” class readings). You will be evaluated on how well you use these resources to develop and present ideas about your topic. The paper should demonstrate critical thinking through the use of both positive and negative examples, and through examination of multiple perspectives related to your argument•Examine barriers and facilitators to the development of social equity from the perspective of children, families, communities and professionals.•Propose potential ways of addressing and overcoming barriers to social equity•Develop your own ideas about how you as a professional could improve efforts to develop social equity in early childhood education







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