How has Covid-19 impacted the airline industry economy

Explain the issue clearly and define any terms or background history of this situation.
Make the topic interesting to your readers by using good examples and interesting images.
Keep a neutral perspective and ask your question clearly.
Here is a list of types of introduction ideas you can use.

explain how this affects reader
start with question
history of question
history of argument about question
current news that relates to question
unusual fact about question
example or string of examples
conversation about question
vivid description of issue
interesting quotation
list of viewpoints of famous people on question
frame story–start story in intro and finish story in conclusion
Introduction Pre-writing Questions
Which of the above technique(s) will you use for your introduction?
What research article(s) can you use in this?
Body The body of your Exploratory Paper will have at least two parts:
Part 1: Explain the rhetorical situation surrounding your arguable question:
Who is interested in this question?
What are the most important disagreements?
What has changed over time?
What current events make people interested in the question now?
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Part 2: Explain the different answers to your question.
What are the different ways people would answer the question?
What is the reason for each of the answers?
What is the best evidence for each opinion?
How do the different opinions answer the objections of the other sides?
Body Part 1 Pre-writing Questions
Body Part 1: Analyze the rhetorical situation of the issue (social, cultural and historic moment in time). Here are
the main things you need to discuss:
How long has this question existed? Has the question changed over time?
What kind of writing or speaking or media conveys the messages on this issue? (do people talk about it on
social media, the news or mostly face to face?)
Who talks about this question?
Are there some recent events which affect the way people talk about this issue?

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