How I Built This

Listen to How I Built This
Listen to several episodes of the podcast How I Built This, an entertaining podcast in which the host interviews entrepreneurs about their businesses, with each episode being between about 45-60 minutes. It is available for free through your favorite app store and at
DON’T pick an episode of How I Built Resilience! These episodes are follow-ups to original interviews and focus on how the entrepreneur is managing through the pandemic. These episodes are interesting but will not provide you with the foundation you need for this paper.

  1. Select your entrepreneur
    Pick one of the entrepreneurs you learned about on How I Built This. It should be someone whose business or personality you find interesting. You can learn as much (or more) from failure as from success, so it is fine to pick an entrepreneur whose idea failed. Check the course calendar for when your choice of entrepreneur is due.
  2. Do some more research
    Consult a minimum of two additional sources (preferably more) to find out more about your entrepreneur’s business and character traits. Do not use Wikipedia as it is not a reliable source of information.
  3. Write your paper answering the following questions
    What is your entrepreneur’s business? Briefly describe your entrepreneur’s product or service.
    How did the product/service idea evolve over time to what it ultimately became?

Sample Solution