How ISO affected the standards for network security

In what ways did ISO affect the standards for network security?

The development project should be in
line with government priorities, public sector objectives and/or related initiatives In Hong Kong. Such as the Home Affairs Bureau and Policy Adreess.
Use relevant theory, planning models and policy-related sources (as well as thorough research
on your chosen festival or event) to produce a report that discusses your potential development
idea and the ways it relates to public sector policies, objectives and initiatives.
Should be included:

  • Executive summary ( 1 page)
  • Table of Content
  • Introduction (250 worlds)
  • Background of Wine and Dine Festival(350)
  • Event Development Proposal (2000-2500 Worlds)
    a) Discussion of political environment and relevant public sector,
    sector priorities, with references to documented supporting evidence
    b) Outline the development proposal, in line with relevant public
    sector priorities, also containing a critical analysis of means
    by which the stated public sector priorities are being assessed.
  • Conclusion (400 worlds)
  • Reference (At least 30 Appropriate sources: policy
    paper, official reports, official
    statistics, Books and journals.)
  • Appendices

Sample Solution