How Marriott International ensure consistency in service

  1. How does Marriott International ensure consistency in service? Please provide specific example(s) from the video and use key terms offered in Chapter 1 within your answer. Please use bold to highlight the key terms you are using from chapter 1. You must accurately use the key term(s) in context to demonstrate your understanding of the definition of the term(s) being used. You must use a minimum of 2 key terms (excluding generic terms such as Hotels) in your response. The objective is to apply what you are reading to the story provided in the video and synthesize new information. The key terms you are using should clearly demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapter and are able to derive meaning of concepts introduced and use them in the right context .(25 pts.)
  2. How does Marriott International influence guests’ decision to return to its hotels? Please use a minimum of one key term used in chapter 1 when responding to this question (25 pts.)

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