How smartphones are affecting daily lives

Reading Assignments
The following articles can be accessed through ProQuest or EBSCOhost . Log into the myEdison portal and go to My Resources > Educational. There you will find the links to the databases. The specific database for each article is listed in parenthesis.
Brandon, H.(2010). Screams and temper tantrums: Addiction, thy name is iPhone. (EBSCOhost Business Source Elite)
Sahin, S., Ozdemir, K., Unsal, A. Temiz, N. (2013). Evaluation of mobile phone addiction level and sleep quality in university students. (ProQuest)
Choliz, M. (2012). Mobile phone addiction in adolescence: The test of mobile phone dependence. (ProQuest)
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Answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of effect do you feel smartphones have on people’s relationships? Are they able to say things via their phone they could not without?
  2. Do you feel smartphones are affecting people’s sleep? Are they sleeping less because they are using these phones late into the night and early in the morning?

Sample Solution