How technology is driving the Health Care Industry

Find out how technology is driving the Health Care Industry (3 examples), and elaborate on how technology can support marketing strategies (3 examples).

conduct a research and show data about the Hispanics and African Americans in the USA, and (1) how they are being impacted by the Health Care System, (2) how health care providers are responding to these minorities from the marketing standpoint. 3. In recent years, there has been a growing attempt to measure the performance of healthcare providers. The federal government has published data on how hospitals are compared to acceptable clinical standards with regard to pneumonia. Explain how these data may affect the consumer decision-making process. 4. On what level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs would you place each of the following decisions: (a) buying health insurance, (b) going skiing, (c) following a low-fat diet? 5. Conclusion 5 page 155. After reading the conclusion, find an example (from yourself, relative, or friend) of cognitive dissonance after making the decision of attending health care service, and another example applying decision freedom in selecting health care services. TEXTBOOK : Essentials of Health Care Marketing





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