How  the digital divide impacted ABE/ELL students

1. How has the digital divide impacted ABE/ELL students and what are some possible remedies to improve access to technology for learners?
2. Do you consider the College/Career Readiness Standards to be realistic and appropriate for ABE/ELL learners, as many students may only be attempting to improve their English or obtain a basic, entry level job?
3. What are your thoughts on the CCRS, ACES/TIF, and NorthStar MN ABE standards and the feasibility of implementing these standards in ABE programs? What questions do you have or what motivates you about the standards/teaching?
4. What stories or lessons have you witnessed with learners utilizing distance learning programs? What types of students do you think distance learning is ideal for and why?
5. Do you believe the GED test should be the only HSE option in Minnesota and why/why not?
6. Are there any components of Student Achievement in Reading (STAR) or Evidence Based Reading Instruction (EBRI) that you or your program are already practicing with students?
7. How do you think teachers can prepare students for the new CASAS/TABE tests and more rigorous assessments?
8. What resources/assessment tools did you find the most useful or do you plan to research further in the future from this course?
9. What general reactions or observations do you have from any of the resources or topics in the course?
10. What questions do you still have about assessments?



Sample Solution