To assess your ability to:
Describe how the human resource function influences a company’s balanced
Describe how management and the human resource management (HRM) function
support each other to achieve organizational goals.
Discuss how HRM supports an organization’s strategy formulation.
Integrate established human resource management principles into the discussion.
Write a business report based on 5step
critical thinking decision making model.

Action Items
1. Download the 5step
critical thinking matrix and consider the following:
Step 1: Identify the problem(s) and uncertainties based on the assigned
Step 2: Obtain information on the matrix.
Step 3: Make predictions about the future on the matrix.
Step 4: Make decisions by choosing among the alternatives on the matrix.

2. Research the following topics:
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Mark As Complete
 ( Submit for Grading Add 2/2
a. How management and the HRM function support each other to achieve
organizational goals.
b. The role HR can play in supporting the development of organizational strategy.

3. Write a 23
page business brief that includes the following items:
a. Describe how effectively management and the HRM function support each
other to achieve organizational goals.
b. Analyze the role HR plays in supporting the development of the organizational
c. Include a reference list that contains at least 3 to 5 professional or scholarly
resources. Consider searching the MBA Journal List as well.

4. Review the Business Brief Guidelines and Sample Business Brief to format this
week’s business brief.

5. Submit your work to ( Revise your paper
based on the Originality Report you receive. (See instructions under About
Turnitin in the MBA Toolbox.)

6. Check your writing style by using Grammarly ( (See
instructions under Submit To Grammarly in the MBA Toolbox.) Correct your business
brief as needed.

7. Attach the following appendices to your paper:
Appendix A, containing the grading rubric for this assignment.

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