Write an essay in which you answer the following questions within 2 pages.

1. On which of five facets would you like to improve – credibility, assertiveness, trustworthiness, likeability, or openness to others?

2. Why that facet (or those facets)? For example, have you received feedback in the past about them, did you observe something?

3. What benefits do you anticipate reaping from making those improvements?

4. What 2-3 specific behaviors would you like to change?

5. What is your plan for change? (Will you use an outside-in or an inside-out approach? Specifically how will you use that approach?)

Section 2 –

This section should address the following five questions in 4 pages:

1. What are your career goals over the next five years? The next 10 years?

2. Think about the organization you hope to join at some point during this journey. What are the power dynamics inherent in your future job? (How is power distributed across the? Who are the key stakeholders, what are their interests and sources of power? How political is the environment? And what individual attributes and interpersonal styles appear to be most valued in the culture?

3. How well positioned are you for success in this environment? In what ways are you naturally suited to this environment and in what ways will you need to adapt?

4. What is your plan for building power and becoming influential in this setting? What specific actions will you need to take before starting the job, early in the role, and how will your actions evolve over time?

5. What are the ethical dilemmas you might face in implementing your plan and how will you handle these dilemmas? How will you remain true to yourself in the process?




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