How to deal with a frustrated teammate.

1-How do you tackle a challenge?
2-Tell me of an instance when you had to apply logic and good judgment to solve a challenge.
3-Have you ever made a risky decision? Under what circumstance? Tell me how you handled it.
4-Give me an example of a scenario you had too many things to handle and had to prioritize.
5-Tell me of a circumstance you had to deal with a frustrated teammate.
6-Give me an example of a situation you had to work with a problematic person.
7-Tell me of a target you achieved and how you handled the situation.
Have you ever failed to meet any goal? What was it and how did you handle the failure?
8-How do you set your goals and what do you do to achieve them?
9-Give me of a stressful situation you faced and how you dealt with it.
I was a nurse on duty one day.
this situation was back in 2010 from today and was located in a small town in my country and our hospital did
not provide the services the patient needs. The physician on duty was decided to refer the patient to another
hospital that provided the service required. I was only the nurse to take care of the patient during this situation
and I had a lack of experience and training as well to face this situation.
the distance between to hospital was 270 kilometers before we arrive arrived a patient got unconscious status
and he did no responded at all before we arrive around 50 kilometers
keep in your mind we got only a timeframe to save him.
Can you apply this senior to the question just number 9
10-Throughout your academics, have you ever taken initiative and led? Describe the situation. What was the
Tell me of any time you inspired another person.
Give me a scenario you predicted a problem and devised preventative measures.
11-Have you ever encountered a situation you had to make a split-second decision? Describe the
Tell me of a time you and your colleagues had a conflict. How did you deal with it?
Give me an example of a situation that forced you to go beyond your personal responsibility to get a task
Have you ever delegated effectively? Describe what happened

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