How to Enhance Your Baby’s Intelligence in the Womb


Write comments on the video provided (8-12 sentences) and reply at least two (2) peers posting in a meaningful manner 5-6 sentences and provide with a specific and concrete comments to receive full credit on the assignment.
1- When responding to your peers, you must type the student’s name you are currently responding to and make reference to his/her comments about the topic in a very meaningful way.
2- By doing so, your assignment will be graded with the maximum score.
3- Do not forget to read the discussion board rubric to understand the grading criteria located on this page and on your content column which is located on your right side.
Attributes of an Exemplary Discussion Contribution or Response:
1- The discussion or response clearly addressed the content issue(s) presented in the video.
2- The discussion or response includes appropriate level(s) of critical thinking.
3- The discussion contribution or response is consice, clearly organized and well structured.
4- The discussion contribution or response uses grammar, spelling, and mechanics expected of a undergraduate level composition and expression.
5- The discussion contribution or response includes pertinent course and disciplinary concepts, theories or materials and applies them correctly.
6- The discussion contribution or response fosters collaboration with fellow learners and communicates in a manner that respects dignity and integrity of fellow learners and the professor.
7- The discussion contribution or response meaningfully supplements and extends consideration of the topic including one of the following topics: new information, questions, constructive or corrective feedback and/or alternative viewpoints.

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