How to Survive a Plague—HIV Education Video

  1. FIRST, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to find the following information. Search in the HIV Basics section. Answer in brief one sentence responses.

List the ways HIV is transmitted (spread from person-to-person).

List the prevention methods for these 5 categories—sexual transmission, IV drug use, mother-to-child transmission, protecting others when you’re HIV-positive, other prevention methods.

What is PrEP vs. PEP? In what situations are these used?

NOW, watch the video. Visit, click on the Swank database link at the right, log-in with your usual Grossmont-Cuyamaca info and search for the video How to Survive a Plague. Video length is 1hr 49min.

  1. List at least two of the activist organizations that were formed during this time period.
  2. What types of discrimination could HIV+ individuals face during the time period covered in the documentary? Make sure at least one example is related to the healthcare setting.
  3. What are some of the symptoms of AIDS described in the documentary?
  4. Why did the activist movement develop around this issue?
  5. What was the first drug developed for treatment of HIV infection, and what was the cost of it?
  6. After the first drug, the most effective treatments came later in the form of protease inhibitors. How do the protease inhibitor drugs work to control the virus?

Sample Solution