HR/talent management practices

  1. What are the key sources of’s competitive advantage? How would you describe the key
    elements of the company’s business strategy?
  2. To what extent is the company’s holacracy structure aligned (or misaligned) with the other organization
    design elements (job design, management style, HR/talent management practices)? What are your
    recommendations for making changes to the company’s organization design to better align with Hsieh’s vision
    of a holacracy operating structure?
  3. How would you articulate’s talent management strategy? What are the key elements of the
    company’s approach to talent acquisition, assessment, development, and retention? In what ways are the
    company’s talent management practices distinctive in its industry?
  4. How should the company tackle the twin challenges of surging employee turnover and deteriorating labor
    market reputation (e.g., dropped off Fortune’s Best Place to Work) due (in part) to the transition to holacracy
    and self-governance?

Sample Solution