HR Training Class

Imagine that you are a member of the HR department of a small retail company and upper management has asked you to create a new employee customer service training class for all new employees. Write a six (6) page paper in which you: (1) Justify the use of a needs assessment of your company’s proposed employee customer service training, stressing five (5) ways in which such an assessment would expose any existing performance deficiencies. (2) Develop a customer service training implementation plan and determine the method of training (i.e., presentation, discussion, case study, discovery, role play, simulation, modeling, or on-the-job training). (3) Justify why you selected the training method that you did.
(4) Propose two (2) ways to motivate an employee who has no interest in attending a training class. (5) Develop a survey to collect feedback from the employees who attend the training.

Sample Solution