Human Populations

List and define the four factors that determine population size.
Describe how the global human population has changed over time (past few thousand years). Provide an explanation for this trend.
Describe global patterns in human population.
Define demographic transition and describe its four stages. Discuss how total population, birthrates, and death rates change through the four stages.
Explain what age structure diagrams show and correctly interpret them.
Discuss how economic development of a nation impacts the following:
Human population: overall size, fertility rates, death rates, life expectancy, child mortality rate
Health and Well-being: access to health care and education, economic potential
Explain what the Human Development Index (HDI) indicates and what it is based upon.
Describe how economic development impacts the environment. Explain I = P × A × T
Describe the relationships between economic development and per capita ecological footprint, total fertility rate, life expectancy, and infant mortality.
Explain how population planning can be used to achieve sustainable human populations. Provide examples of different population planning strategies.
Answer the Central Question: How can we achieve sustainable human populations?

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