Human Resource Management

1-)”Labor Unions” Please respond to the following:
Go to the United States Department of Labor and read the section titled “Employment Rights: Who has Them and Who Enforces Them”
https:/Iwww.dol-gov/odeplpubs/factlrights-htm- Next, evaluate the intended effectiveness of The Americans with Disabilities Act and The
Rehabilitation Act of 1973- Determine how these laws affect human resource (HR) management- Speculate What the impact of the Act Will be in 10
years- Support your position-
Use the Internet to research the role of unions in the United States compared to three other countries- Next, examine how the role of unions in other
countries differs from the role of unions in the United States- Provide examples of three countries and how unions operate in those countries in
regard to HR management-

2-) “Company reorganization and the Future of HR”
Provide an example of a company that has done a total ” turnaround”- Determine if the turnaround has been effective and improved its profltability-
Examine changes and developments that are currently taking place in the field of HR management- Predict two changes and developments that are
likely to occur in this field in the next 10 years-

3-) “Environmental Awareness and Organizational Sustainability” Please respond to the following:
Use the Internet to research one (1) environmentally aware organization and its actions- Next, examine the selected organization’s relationship
between sustainability, ethical decision making, and social responsibility. Provide one (1) example of this organization demonstrating environmental
Determine the major effects that an organization’s environmental awareness has on its sustainability. Recommend one (1) approach that HR can
take to use an organization’s environmental awareness in order to attract and retain top talent-



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