Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management-Performance Standards

  • Performance elements give an employee an outline of what is expected of them while the standards guides on how well they have to do it.
  • A performance standard for a hospital is a management-approved expression relating to performance requirements, expectations, or thresholds that must be met so as to be appraised at a given level of performance.
  • The quantity standard assesses how much work has been done. It is a challenging, but achievable general outcome to be achieved.
  • Timeliness standard outlines how quickly, when or by what specific works are produced. This allows a set margin for error and is realistic.
  • Cost-effectiveness addresses the issue of working within given budgets. These are based on specific levels of resources in terms of personnel, money, and time.

Guidelines for Effective Performance Appraisals

  • It must reflect the hospital’s mission, values, and philosophy.
  • It should be developed upon a proper understanding of job descriptions and specifications.
  • It should be based on effective performance standard.
  • Select an equitable type of rewards for each level of performance; this could be in terms of salary increase or a bonus.
  • Communication is a key element of the performance appraisal especially during the orientation of new-hires.

Barriers to Effective Performance Appraisals

  • Inequitable treatment of employees is a common barrier to effective performance appraisals.
  • Lack of regular communication, for instance, where the supervisor does not give regular feedback they cause employees to be shocked by evaluations.
  • Personality especially employee’s overconfidence or low self-esteem may hinder the efforts of the employer to modify their behavior.
  • Performance appraisals that only identify employee’s negative behavior and faults without citing specifics and presenting goals may not be effective.
  • Too much emphasis on past events is not good as it ignores the complete behavior of an employee.


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