Human Resources: From Traditional to Strategic

In the past, HR departments were seen as conduits for employee practices such as hiring, firing, and benefits. This narrow range of responsibilities is no longer enough, however. In today’s competitive workforce, it is critical that HR professionals and those for whom they are responsible for hiring bring skills that will help advance the strategic goals and objectives of their organizations (Stewart & Brown, 2014). After reading the Learning Resources, reflect on the different strategies HR professionals use to cope with the multitude of challenges their organizations face every day. Consider also how current trends influence and cause these challenges. With these thoughts in mind: • Select at least one topic from the assigned chapters that is of particular interest to you related to traditional and strategic approaches to human resources management. • Consider a real-world situation that relates to or could be addressed utilizing primary concepts from the assigned readings. Prompt Post a substantive response of approximately 200-250 words that includes the following: • Describe the topic you selected and explain how it relates specifically to strategic human resources management. • Differentiate between traditional and strategic human resource approaches and explain your rationale. • Describe a real-world situation that could be addressed utilizing primary concepts related to each approach (traditional or strategic) from the assigned readings. • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and explain why they are strengths or weaknesses.




Sample Solution