Human Resources

1). Review this Article: Spencer, L. M. (2000). The economic value of emotional intelligence competencies and EIC-based HR programs. Do you believe there is an economic advantage to becoming an emotionally intelligent organization?

Provide an example of an organization and how it displays emotional intelligence, and the organization’s beliefs about the importance of emotional intelligence.
Does your example organization refer to the economic value as one of the benefits of El in their organization?
2). Discuss Emotional Intelligence at the group/team level. Specifically: • Why do teams fail? Provide at least three reasons and examples. • How can group/team emotional intelligence be maximized? Provide at least three ways and examples.
3). With unionization on the downturn, why should an organization be concerned about labor relations? 4). Compare and contrast the role of HR in a unionized facility versus a non-union facility. What are the pros and cons of eac



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