Human trafficking

Question 1: 1. The key dimensions of your team’s design and implementation strategy A brief introduction to your report and your stated recommendation.
Recommendations on how the policy should be designed and implemented.
Provide specific details about how your group reached its conclusions/recommendations. Talk about what research you looked at, what analysis you performed/how you got to your recommendation, and why you are making your recommendations. Then, tell your agency how to put that decision into action. Be as specific as possible in discussing how to implement. It is important to think about the people (inside your agency and out/those doing the implementation work and the policy targets) involved in that process to help ensure optimal success. You may also want to think about the length of time it would take to implement you recommendation, to give your agency representative a realistic picture. If your group is not making a recommendation that needs to be implemented, lets talk about that individually so we can determine how to proceed. This should be the bulk of the paper where you should concentrate your greatest efforts.
Question 2: An evaluation plan for the future that establishes criteria to assess a program’s impact 2. Describe how your agency can assess the effectiveness of your recommendation. Maybe think about developing some assessment criteria that the agency can easily refer to in order to ensure success.
One page for question 1, and two pages for question 2. All of the references will be attached in one separate document with paper details.

Sample Solution