Human Trafficking- Project Implementation-

Rigorous discussion of how this method of solving the problem will benefit others.
Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the chosen tool or technique, and discussion of other possible ways the problem could have been solved.
Contextualization and application of the chosen tool or process within professional practice.
Rigorous justification of the tool or process selected to address the problem, with support from the academic and professional literature.
Analysis of current tools available to solve the problem or improve professional practice, comparing and contrasting to identify benefits and issues.
Identification of an appropriate problem, issue, or question within the practice or application of the discipline.

No intro needed- the rest of the paper is completed.

Identify current policies to prevent the trafficking of human beings and propose improvements to existing policies.

The paper must answer the following questions:

  1. What impact does combating human trafficking at the local level have on national security?
  2. Does human trafficking increase our threat of terrorism?
  3. Will educating our citizens be the key to securing our nation?
  4. What proposed changes are necessary to law to stabilize the security of our nation and stop human trafficking?

Sample Solution