Humanitarian aid

Proposal or Grant- Do you want to start a club, raise money for an event, or launch an initiative? You might
want to write a proposal. Proposal and policy briefs are similar, but proposals are more action-oriented, and
policy briefs are more theoretical. If you go into the corporate workplace, you will write tons of proposals. If
you end up in an academic field, education, medicine, humanitarian aid, or science, prepare to spend a lot of
time writing grants. You might even write a grant to fund your salary someday.
Chapter 12 in your textbook, Everything’s an Argument, details types of proposals, and how to develop your
ideas. A grant is a type of proposal. Sections of a proposal might include:
• Introduction
• Assessment of the Current Situation
• What you Propose
• Whom it Benefits and Why
• Counterarguments
• Recommendations
• Conclusion
• Works Cited

Sample Solution