Hutu vs Tutsi issue Rwanda in 1994

The paper is about the Hutu vs Tutsi issue Rwanda in 1994, for about 100 days Rwandan was in Terror. Hutu extremists were attacking and killing Tutsi people. This would be known as the Rwandan Genocide. How did we get to this point? I speculate that colonization contributed to this due to the segregation and privileges they categorized the Hutus and Tutsi by all those years ago. My paper is about the Hutu vs Tutsi issue Rwanda. And how Germany and Belgium were the colonial powers who categorized their citizens and separated them in each group. Which caused issued down the line known as the Rwandan Genocide. I asked for at least three books. I would need to identify an English-language archive of the war itself. Which of the two – Hutu or Tutsi – were privileged, and what were the causes of the war? How do you define a genocide? Please follow these instructions, include them in your paper as subheadings, and give it a title that is as detailed a description of your research as possible:

Refine your title and research question based on the comments you received on your previous assignment.
Find at least two articles from professional journals that discuss the historiography of your topic.
Summarize their arguments and explain what your research question is, including a specific place, time period or comparative perspective, and the individuals, communities, movements or institutions you will be studying.
Develop a bibliography based on a World Cat or Amazon search that covers your general area of research (the Civil War, Church history, the NAACP, women’s suffrage, oral histories, etc.).
Explain what kinds of primary sources you will be searching for

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