Hypothetical case

Question 1c:
Consider the hypothetical case wherein the San Diego based biotech firm Amylin Pharmaceuticals developed a revolutionary diabetes treatment drug “Byetta”. In order to market the drug they turned to a giant firm, Eli Lilly who had the necessary resources to educate physicians who would then prescribe Byetta to their patients. In this example, do you think that Eli Lilly would acquire Amylin in the future? What might be the nature of the “soft” versus “hard” resources involved in the relationship that would suggest an Equity Alliance or a Non-Equity Alliance or an Acquisition would be most appropriate? Clearly specify what resources of either Amylin or Eli Lilly you deem as “soft” and “hard”. Explain your reasoning and why these best suit the type of alliance you propose. (19pts) this questions are connected to the articles “When to Ally and When to Acquire” and “Abgenix and the XenoMouse”. the professor wanted me to read “When to Ally and When to Acquire” and then answer this question, but then i thought the article “Abgenix and the XenoMouse” can help us answer this as well. If u take something from the text, please cite it to AVOID PLAGIRISM. No plagirism please 🙂 If u mention anything from the Abgenix and the XenoMouse text, please tell it in the sentence.

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