Students are required to complete one required research project (Native Artist Profile or Native Arts Subject Area) for submission during the semester. The Research Project is designed to replace a "formal" written research paper. Students are responsible for completing an Abstract – which is to be a minimum of 2 full pages of text – for the research project. The content of the Abstract will outline the specific project, identify resources, propose a working time-line, and, scope of research to be accomplished.

Research Project Content: The Native Artist Profile (biographical style) and Native Arts Subject Area (subject based research style) should include Native/non-Native cultural influences upon the work of the artist and area being researched. For the Native Artist Profile it will be useful to examine the artist’s work within American society and the global/multi-national art community. The specific Native artist, as well as the Native Arts Subject to review for the final submission is left to the discretion of the student. Assistance regarding this project may be provided by the Professor, or as necessary. An "Artist Listing" is available on-line through CANVAS for suggestions as necessary. Detailed information pertaining to these research projects can be found in the "Research" folder within the "Assignments, Exams & Course" folder on CANVAS. Both research projects should discuss the cultural background of the artist/art and any non-Native influences upon the artist/art being examined.

Regardless of the research topic selected, each research project will include: a complete bibliography, footnotes or end notes in proper citation format (i.e., Chicago Manual Style, MLA, APA, etc.), and a separate Abstract. Research projects submitted without these components will result in a substantial lowering of the final mark for the overall project. No Wiki or open-source interest sites (i.e., Wikipedia) are permissible for research. The inclusion and/or use of such internet sites will result in a substantial lowering of the overall grade for any research project. Scholarly and/or peer-reviewed journals and articles are strongly encouraged to be used for all research projects.
Each research project will include the following:

Images, or other supporting visuals/multi-media (i.e., graphs, music, maps). If a Discussion/Lecture style presentation is selected, these supporting visuals are not included within the required full pages of text.
Proper citation for all supporting resources (i.e., end notes, footnotes, bibliography, website URL). Resources should be from a minimum combination of two(2) different sources (i.e., books, articles, websites, interviews, videos).
Research Projects must be in one (1) of the following forms:

Discussion/Lecture Format (i.e., webinar, Skype): 15 – 20 minute minimum length required + minimum 5 – 10 page (double spaced) research document.
Film/Video: 15 – 20 minute minimum length required + written document outlining and containing the information used to generate the film/video. Length of this written document will vary.
Power Point/Prezi ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) Presentation: 20 minute minimum length required + any included notes and documents used during the presentation.

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