Ideas for HRM Projects

-HR Theory Into Practice
-Effect of Increasing Training Budget
-Methods of Employee Assessment (Recruitment and/or career development)
-How HR Department Increases Value of Company
-Workplace Diversity Concerns

Paper Specifications:

• Times New Roman

• 12 point font

• Single spaced, with a spacing “Before” and “After” set to “0”. Go to the “Paragraph” tab in Microsoft Word to check this.

• 2 pages

• Include page numbers in the right-hand, lower corner

• Include a header with your First and last name, the course

• The paper should be well-written, with proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

• All references should be included on a separate page following APA formatting and in-text citation (e.g. Smith, 2015) should be used following the use of a source. The textbook should be used as a reference.

The reference page does not count in the 2 page limit of the paper.

  1. HR Theory into Practice
    For this project idea, you can examine a few different theories in human resources or just do an in-depth study on one and describe what the selected theories look like in the industry. Examples include Training and Development, Benefits and Compensation, Communications, Risk Management, Regulatory, Employee Relations Management, etc. You can highlight which theories and techniques were used at a particular work site and the results as well as any recommendations based on HR theory.
  2. Effect of Increasing Training Budget
    This project focuses on the degree to which employee training can affect profits. For this idea, after choosing a specific workplace, you can examine the current training methods and determine what changes would be effective. Based on the data collected, you can calculate the tipping point, or at what point adding money to training no longer increases profits and how much is added up until that point.
  3. Methods of Employee Assessment
    Along with training, another aspect of human resources involves rating an employee’s performance in a variety of areas. Sometimes, this is based on definitive data, but other times, this involves quantifying less directly measurable skills. For this HRM project idea, you could explore ways of objectively scoring employees in these positions. Another aspect of this involves the methods of removing subjective bias during the interview process.
  4. How HR Department Increases Value of Company
    This project idea focuses on the intrinsic value of a strong HR department and how this affects different aspects of the company. Training methods, employee motivational programs, benefits selection, and recruitment processes all affect how employees view their workplace. Further, you can describe how these also determine the opinions of other companies, potential applicants, and the general public.
  5. Workplace Diversity Concerns
    Increasing diversity at all levels of employment is becoming more important. According to Forbes, the field of human resources is changing, and one main aspect of this involves companies being open about the diversity of their staff or lack thereof. For this project, you can demonstrate all the benefits of diversity in the workplace including the financial and cultural effects.

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