Identifying Research Problems & Reviewing the Literature

  1. Write a problem statement using the format for writing problem statements from Chapter 6 on a patient care
    the topic of your choice (you may want to start playing around with the topic you want to do a literature review on
    for your next research assignment), your problem statement should substitute different variables for the X and
    Y variables.
  2. Conduct a database search Identifying the keywords and criteria you use to select an article that applies to
    your problem statement. Try the same search terms in the different databases and see what you find in
    comparing the content and accessibility between nursing research databases.
    After finding an article that applies to your research problem statement of the week. Identify what type of article
    this is, and then define that type (ie: Reference: “This is a white paper ~ A white paper is…”).
    There are many different types of journal articles/website articles. Examples include:
    “white papers”
    “peer-reviewed papers”
    “grey papers”
    “primary sources”
    “secondary sources”
  3. After reading the article:
    Give the reference in APA format (article should be < 5 yrs old)
    Summarize/synthesize the article in one paragraph and give your opinion if this is a good source of evidence.
    Does the article site primary or secondary sources? (what are some ways to determine this?)
  4. Please attach your article

Sample Solution