“If a Bird can be a Ghost” essay

One of the most important elements of “Learning to Love Learning” is the process of making emotional connections. If we care about a person, topic, or activity, we’re more likely to enjoy learning with that person, or studying that topic, and practicing that activity. A study performed by psychologists found that reading literary fiction significantly improved people’s ability to empathize with others. The power of empathy is one way that we can continue to build our emotional ties to learning.

For this Essay, you need to do following actions:

Choose a short story from the “Readings” content area in Blackboard.
Carefully read the story and fill out your Reading Journal #2.
Begin to outline, draft, free write, or map out how a theme or significant idea runs through the story
Complete outside research on that theme or idea to discover what might be either the significance of that theme to the story or how that theme reveals new ideas about the story that might go overlooked. (There are a variety of ways to do literary analysis; this is just one. Feel free to discuss other options with your professor.)
Write an organized introduction that summarizes the story and describes the significance of the theme to the important messages and ideas presented in the story. Make sure to include a detailed thesis statement that explains your claims.
Include body paragraphs that support each of the main points of your thesis statement. Each paragraph should have at least one quote from the story and/or your outside sources, and you should explain how those ideas relate to your thesis statement.
Create a conclusion that lets your reader know why these ideas are so important, and why they might be important to others.

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