IFE, IFE SWOT analysis.

This assignment and the next requires you show competency in all the concepts and tools you have worked in this course. a full written case analysis of Pepsi EXACTLY using the format in the How To Write a Case Analysis module. The case is in the attached. Use the information from the file, not current information on Pepsi. Your grade will be determined not on what specific strategy you come up with for Pepsi (there is no “correct” one), but how well you develop a mission, vision, IFE, EFE, your SWOT, and use the tools to analyze it. Submit as a word document.! The template is in excel and D2L has a hard time displaying mixed formats. You can use the template to help determine your information, but you must copy and paste it into a word document or create our own tables and drawings. crafted like you work for the company and is your report to the CEO. Your promotion and big raise depend on the quality of your work. you can put the answer in excel file too.

Sample Solution