IHRM practices impact statement

Now that we know more about CSIQ from week 1 and have reviewed IHRM practices for your specific country in week 2, we can expand with IHRM practices from week 3 and progress to a complete IHRM practices impact statement. Using your selected country, you will complete a written assignment for CSIQ’s CEO and senior leadership team. • The IHRM practices impact statement will evaluate core IHRM practices as they apply to your selected country and in preparation for CSIQ’s expansion. You should summarize specific concerns that CSIQ’s CEO and senior management team should take into consideration during the expansion. Express through the lens of convergence, divergence and cross-vergence. Address impact of parent country and expansion country culture and company culture. • At a minimum your impact statement should directly address the following: international employment law and labor standards, select country employee relations and union environment. staffing approach (ethnocentric. geocentric. etc.), staffing method (KN. HCN, etc.). training method. C&B method, performance assessment. And for each, culture. convergence, divergence. cross-vergence should be incorporated in your evaluation and recommendation • Remember to clearly identify the areas of concern for the CEO and senior leadership team.
Resources to consider are included in Module titled ‘Syllabus and Resources / Research Assistance’.

Sample Solution