Impact of Europe upon Africa politically, socially, and economically

  1. The European colonial powers left Africa a half-century ago, but the impact of Europe upon Africa politically, socially, and economically, is still of profound importance. Explain in detail how many current conditions in Africa, both positive and negative, are a result of European Imperialism.
  2. The Republic of South Africa, though regarded as one of the continent’s great success stories, nonetheless is facing serious contemporary problems. Discuss South Africa’s development from the formalization of the Apartheid system in 1948 until its dismantling in 1994 and explain why the country is still troubled today.
  3. The British Indian Empire was a multi-ethnic realm containing hundreds of millions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buddhists. Explain precisely how this fact complicated both the granting of independence in 1947 and relations among the various countries of the region today.
  4. Social, political, and especially economic problems in many Central American countries have led to a great deal of emigration from this region. Explain both the causes of this emigration and the reaction to it of the surrounding countries.
  5. Discuss contemporary Mexico in terms of (1) ethnic composition, (2) political system, (3) economic conditions, (4) crime problems, and (5) relations with the United States.

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