Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the American family

After completing the assigned readings for module 6. craft a two-page, thesis-driven essay discussing the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the American family. Base your essay on our assigned reading by Mintz and Kellogg and relevant sections of chapter 12 in our Out of Many textbook. Your essay should address the following questions: textbook: file:///a/Users/christine/Documents/Wethe_People_Full_11e_639926%20(2).pdf assigned reading: file:///a/Usersichristine/Documents/Minte/020and°/020Kellogg-A%20New°/020Economr/020and%20e/020New%20American%20Family(1)%20c,%2010.pdf

  1. What diverse roles did the traditional family serve during the colonial period?
  2. What social and economic changes during the next half century led to the development of the modern family?
  3. How did the roles of men, women: and children change in this new conception of family life?

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