Your boss has asked you to implement a new rotating work schedule that requires employees to work different schedules each week. She would like to know how other companies in the area have handled their schedule changes in the past to determine if their change model is applicable to this situation.

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide presentation (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi®, etc.) to build a business case for your boss and your organization’s leadership team. Your presentation should include speaker notes, and ensure you do the following:

Analyze the change requested by your boss:
Analyze the impact of this change to the bottom line (profit, productivity, and expenses).
Analyze the desired result or goal.
Analyze who will be affected by the change.
Analyze the change management approach(es) used by the company you interviewed in Week 5.
Identify the company you chose to interview for your research.
Discuss the approach(es) the company used to make a change in the past. Include elements of your interview, such as your questions and the company representative’s responses.
Evaluate whether you would use any of the change management strategies from your Week 5 interview.
Analyze the role of the leader to accomplish the change.
Assess what metrics will be applied to determine success or failure.
Determine the timeline for the change.

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