As you have progressed through this course, you have learned the importance of developing your scholarly
voice, you have learned about critical thinking, you have practiced paraphrasing, and you are beginning to
understand the importance of crediting the sources of ideas and of presenting the literature in your own words.
You are still at the early stages of mastering these many skills. Luckily, Walden provides resources and tools to
help you along the way.
For this Assignment, you will familiarize yourself with a tool that can aid you in avoiding plagiarism: SafeAssign.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the Academic Integrity resources located in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the different
aspects of plagiarism.
Review the document “How to Read a SafeAssign Originality Report” in this week’s Learning Resources. Also,
the “Classroom Help” feature in the dashboard of this course provides additional information related to
SafeAssign as well as how to read the Originality Report.
In Week 3, you submitted “The Process of Critical Thinking” Assignment and submitted your Assignment to
SafeAssign to generate an originality report. Locate the SafeAssign Originality report you downloaded for this
Review the Similarity Index and the Match Overview.
Review the matches in detail.
The Assignment (1–2 pages):
Describe the SafeAssign Originality report for your Assignment from Week 3:
Provide the Similarity Index.
List the source that constitutes the highest match with your written work.
Explain why a high Similarity Index might not necessarily indicate plagiarism and why a low Similarity Index
does not necessarily indicate a lack of plagiarism.
Based on the review by SafeAssign, what changes would you make to your paper?
Explain how you would use SafeAssign in the future to minimize issues with plagiarism.
As a future psychology professional, explain how academic integrity will impact/influence your academic and
professional practice

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