You are persuading us to take action.
After everything you have learned about the self and the influences on the self, what immediate action would you recommend to improve our social circumstances? This could be community (volunteer?), educational (take a class?), personal action (go vegan?), business oriented (support a particular local business?), etc. It is entirely up to you.
Develop your claim (i.e., Take a Spanish language class), and use to convince us of your claim. Then, write your formal outline (attached).
Prepare your digital presentation. You choose the format. Make your choice based on your knowledge and proficiency in the technology. This should be your best work, so which ever you choose, take it to the next level.
Record and edit your presentation. You may insert titles, images, slides, graphics, captions, etc.… It is up to you and your skill level. The main measurement is of your professionalism. A significant portion of the video must be a “headshot” of you presenting. Save your presentation as a video.

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