Improving Patient Indicators: Fall Safety

In this milestone, you will address the plan for evaluating the proposed change. So far, you have introduced the topic, completed a literature review, and discussed the specific plan and its implementation in the healthcare organization. In this section, provide at least three evidence-based sources to support your chosen evaluation methods for your proposed initiative. APA form is required. You may use the areas below as subheadings for your paper. Remember, the final project is an executive summary, so write clearly about your methods for evaluation. As noted in prior milestone overviews, all faculty feedback should be incorporated into the final executive summary.

Prompt: In your milestone, make sure to address the following topics:

  1. Plan: What is your plan for evaluation of the strategies using performance improvement data and tracers? What tracers will you use? Include necessary detail to deliver key points and requirements, such as specific data collection methods, timeframes for evaluation, and intended re-evaluation. 2. Plan Evaluation: How effective and sustainable is your plan? In other words, evaluate the effectiveness and the ease of use, timeliness, and efficiency of your plan for the progress and success of your initiative.

Sample Solution