Improving the Thermal Efficiency of the Power Plant

  1. Design a steam power cycle that can achieve a cycle efficiency of at least 40 percent under
    conditions that all turbines have isentropic efficiencies of 80 percent and all pumps have
    isentropic efficiencies of 65 percent. Prepare an engineering report describing your design.
    Your design should include the following,
    a. Discussions of various cycles attempted to meet the goal as well as the positive and
    negative aspects of your design.
    b. System figures and T-s diagrams with labelled states and temperature, pressure,
    enthalpy and entropy information for your design.
    c. Show at least one sample calculation for each new system implemented.
    d. If you are using programming language for the generation of more data, you are
    expected to attach the code or programme as an appendix. Programmes such as
    MATLAB, EXCEL and EES (Engineering Equation Solver) might be used for this
  2. Early commercial vapor power plants operated with turbine inlet conditions of about 12 bar
    and 200oC. Plants are under development today that can operate at over 34 MPa, with turbine
    inlet temperatures of 650oC or higher. How have steam generator or turbine designs changed
    over the years to allow for such increases in pressure and temperature? Discuss.

Sample Solution