Show the relationship between two events: an action that has occurred and the result of this action. Your goal is to analyze the relationship between these two ideas through the mode of cause and effect. You should either write an essay discussing a) the causes b) the effects Or c) both the causes and the effects. Answer the prompt listed below. 1) Working-class students and non-traditional students may have trouble participating fully in campus life due numerous obligations such as balancing school with a full-time job and caring for their children. What factors make it difficult for working class students to complete college? Form an argument on the causes as to why working-class students drop out of college. You must use one of the following sources to support your argument: -Supporting Working-Class Students in Higher Education” by Krista Soria and Mark Bultmann Time and Money Explain Social Class Differences in Students’ Social Integration at University by Mark Rubina and Chrysalis L. Wright -Not All Roles Are the Same: An Examination Between Work-Family-School Satisfaction, Social Integration, and Negative Affect Among College Students” by Emily C. Denning &



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