Incidence of Autism

1.Select a topic to be taught and identify a target population (family or group) who would benefit from this teaching. State why this is an important topic for target population. (Use references).

  1. Present the rationale for your choice of topic by assessing the learning needs of the target population. Discuss all of the following: developmental, cognitive, cultural, economic, pathophysiological and educational parameters. Investigate your target group via internet and use other references.
  2. Develop client-centered behavioral objectives including criteria for measurement (minimum of three).
  3. Identify and write out an expanded outline of the content to be taught, utilizing the assessment in 2. Cite references as appropriate.
  4. Identify teaching methodologies (i.e., lecture, demonstration, etc.) that are congruent with the topic to be taught and the client’s needs. State how the methods selected relate to the target population’s developmental, cognitive, educational and/or pathophysiological status. Use references.
  5. Develop and state the evaluative methods you will use to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching project. State the relationship of the methods to your target population’s characteristics. Use references.

Sample Solution