Incorporate culture into the treatment planning process

A. Describe your initial reactions to the broaching continuum. How important do you believe broaching is with regard to your role as a counselor? What are your biggest concerns with broaching? Your response must be at least 3 to 4 paragraphs in length.
B. Broaching refers to a consistent and ongoing attitude of openness with a genuine commitment by the counselor to continually invite the client to explore issues of diversity” (Day-Vines, et al., 2007). When broaching diversity with clients we initiate an open exploration of the cultural values of client and counselor, including:

The potential to incorporate culture into the treatment planning process
Identifying any potential cultural concerns for the client
Broaching statements may include:

“I am wondering how you feel about working with someone who is __”
“Are there any particular aspects of your background that you want to make sure we include in our work together?”
“Sometimes, aspects of one’s cultural background can make the concern that brought them in better or worse. I wonder if that is true for you?” (APA, 2013)
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