Assignment 1: Speech Outline Directions/Topic:
1. Create a complete preparation Speech Outline using the outline template below for a persuasive speech.
2. Use the topics below:
• Increased dependence on technology in the U.S.
3. In your Introduction include a sentence that describes the general purpose and central idea of your speech. You should also include a thesis statement which identifies what your speech will be addressing. 4. Limit your Key Points to no more than 3. Limit your supporting statements with resources to no more than 2 per Key Point. 5. State your Key Points and supporting materials in complete sentences. 6. In your Conclusion, summarize your Key Points and include a call for action. 7. Cite your sources in APA format. 8. Based on your submitted Speech Outline, you will create a Written Speech, which will be your next assignment, Assignment #2

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