Independent clause pairs together with FANBOYS.

part one

Combine the following independent clause pairs together with FANBOYS.

1] The Commander-in-Chief planned the gathering and chose the location. He likes to ensure everyone can concentrate on the activities he planned.

2] The Explorer likes to look at a map when she arrives. She wants to know each trail she could take.

3] The Jester does not worry about the food choices. He does not care about the schedule because he just wants to have some fun.

4] The Sentry wants to keep everyone safe. Some people don’t pay attention which the Sentry finds frustrating.

5] The Sensualist would like to go on a date with the pretty woman he just met. He could go out for coffee with his attractive friend as both options make him happy.

6] The Energy Czar wants to review all the details to make sure everyone’s needs are met. She often feels frustrated that not everyone else wants to review with her.

7] The Nest-Builder desires to get everyone settled. Everyone can then enjoy being together in a comfortable environment.

8] Most people primarily work from one emotional command system. We all can identify some of the other characteristics from other command systems in ourselves.

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