Individual Planning Paper


  • Using the organization of choice (Choose a company or enterprise) to analyze its 5 building blocks based on the book: ‘ Business Canvas Model’. Students must include Building Block ‘Value Proposition’ in the paper along with other 4 building blocks at their choice. Students are required to analyze future strategies for each building block. The paper should be supported by both research findings and student’s own perspectives on the organization.
  • Clearly label the 5 building blocks in your
  • Read the Book: “Business Canvas Model” (p.22-46)
  • There is a total of 9 building blocks: ① Customer Segments, ② Value Propositions, ③ Channels, ④ Customer Relationships, ⑤ Revenue Streams, ⑥ Key Resources, ⑦ Key Activities, ⑧ Key Partnerships, ⑨ Cost Structure. The VALUE PROPOSITIONS must be included in the five selected building blocks, and make your own choice of the remaining four.

Sample Solution