Inferential statistical effects

Long Answer (70 marks)
For these questions, you are given brief summaries of research scenarios, specific
hypotheses, and accompanying data. You are required to conduct appropriate statistical
analyses of the data to draw conclusions for each research hypothesis. Write a brief report
of the results in which you
• Highlight all inferential statistical effects (e.g., There was a strong main effect of
Factor A)
• Discuss the qualitative nature of any such effects (e.g., Group A scored higher on
than group B)
• Report the results of your statistical tests using the appropriate APA formatting for
each respective statistical test (e.g., t[12] = 2.53, p = .026, d = 0.74, 95% CI = [1.34,
• Refer back to the research scenario to make a broad declarative statement about
how well the research hypothesis is supported
For all analyses, assume two-tailed hypothesis tests with α = .05 unless otherwise
specified. All parametric analyses must include effect sizes. Any t-tests must include 95%
confidence intervals. Any analysis that includes an F-test must also include an
accompanying ANOVA table. Any analysis that includes a correlation must also include the
variances of the variables and their cross product (SP; covariability). Any analysis that
includes linear regression must also include all relevant descriptive statistics (i.e., SSResidual,
standard error of the residual, regression equation). Any non-parametric analysis must
include the ranked scores and the sum of ranks (ΣR).
You are free to use statistical software (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R, sciPy, MATLAB) to conduct
statistical analyses and construct data plots. However, you must provide screenshots of
your output as part of your submission. Please embed these images in the word-processed
document, rather than submitting them separately. If you would prefer to compute
statistical tests and construct data plots by hand on paper, please take photos of your work
and embed them into your submission in much the same manner. Alternatively, you could
type out your hand calculations, but this would likely be rather tedious and we therefore
advise against it.
If you opt to use statistical software, please report exact p values for each statistical
test (e.g., p = .026). Otherwise, if you perform hand calculations, report p values in relation
to (e.g., less than) the appropriate α-level (e.g., α = .05) and include the critical values from
the relevant statistical tables provided in the textbook for each statistical test (e.g., p < .05;
tcrit = 2.18).

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