Influence of Scope Creep on Project

Critical Reflection Task: Write a 700-750 words post to evaluate, with research evidence, how useful the Suma and Madhuri article is • your understanding of the following three questions: 1. What is the importance of managing scope in software projects? 2. How would you define scope creep and its influence on project success? 3. Why are some projects impacted by scope creep and why are other projects not? (consider in your answer these projects use the traditional waterfall software development approach or the agile development approach To address the task well, your response should:

• demonstrate your understanding of the Suma and Madhuri article’s research topic, objectives, approach, ca: and conclusion

• interpret the article’s ideas, and critically evaluate how useful the article is in building your understanding of questions/topics (e.g. articulate some specific findings about how the article is useful or not useful for building understanding)

• support your evaluation findings with trusted and relevant research evidence and logical reasoning (e.g. just analysis clearly with evidence) • express your evaluation findings clearly and precisely Learning objectives: • To develop critical thinking skills in analysing and evaluating peer reviewed publications

• To identify and describe scope management as a major project management construct

• To analyse the impact that scope management has on traditional software development projects as oppose( agile approach to software development

Sample Solution