Influence of social factors on the experience of emotion

This week’s discussion board is about the influence of social factors on the experience of emotion. Please consider the questions and offer your assessment. Make sure to support your positions with solid explanations – that is, provide us with reasoned evidence for your claims.

Your posts should address one or more of the following. If you choose to respond to more than one, it might be helpful to make separate posts so it’s easier to read for classmates.

Researchers have shown that we express less negative emotions when we are around other people. Offer an explanation for why this might be the case.
Given that we express less negative emotion around others, do you think it is the case that we also experience less negative emotion? Why or why not? Make sure to justify your position.
Research demonstrates differences in the expression of emotions by gender. That is, men, express more anger and pride whereas women express more sadness and fear. What factors might account for this……think about the causes and consequences of emotional expression as well as display rules and socialization.
Remember, to earn full credit your initial post must be completed and submitted by the end of the day on Wednesday. Check back, later on, to reply thoughtfully to at least two classmates’ posts by the end of the day on Sunday. Be thoughtful in your replies and respond in a way that keeps the conversation going. Simply saying “I agree” or “great post” is not enough.

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