Write a narrative describing the pathology / pathophysiology related to the case’s main diagnosis of Influenza. Base your discussion upon at least 3 high-level research articles in addition to your textbook
Answer these questions: What would be your treatment plan? Include medication(s), verify allergies, and non-pharmacological treatment if appropriate. What research/sources are the basis of your treatment plan? How “strong” is the evidence – e.g., level of evidence? What are the risks/benefits of your treatment plan (medications side effects, risks of watching/waiting/not treating)? What is the predicted success rate of your treatment choices? (e.g., stats). What contextual factors (age, stage, SES etc.) are important related to the case or population? How might culture play a role in making a diagnosis or in the treatment plan? Will the results of the research you located change your approach in your particular clinical setting?




Sample Solution